Friday, August 11, 2006

Learn how to motivate knowledge sharing from blog

        Go further on this topic about blog vs KM,  we can find some factors which will affect knowledge sharing. There do have something we can learm from blog to motivate knowledge sharing.
        First of all, blog is a easy tool. I believe Simplicity is a basic rule for all kinds of software tools and products. So does KM system and Internet services. Bolg is a new example of easy to use and then be popular. Whatever you use which blog service, the only thing you need to do is to register and begin to write. You don't need to write a long article, you don't need to obey some writing format, you don't need to get your writings being approved. Your blog entries can be as long as you want, also can be only one word, one statement.
         Secondly, Blog was organized by authors, KM was organized by contents. If you are a good blogger, you will be well known by your readers and you will enlarge your communication circle. KM normally don't have the mechanism to push author before the readers. If you are a good KM contributor, you maybe can get some reward from the company, but nothing else. Even more, you may have a feeling that, Oh, I left what I owned in the company, but I didn't get anything that can be comparable with my contributions. 
        Third one, blogger can be motivated by  more readers and interactive between author and readers. For KM, if the KM system lack of readers, can you image that someone are willing to write long articles that will seldom be read?
         Up to here, at least we have three ways learned from blog to motivate  knowlege sharing in your company. First, make you KM system become easy to share. Senond,  find a way to make the authors be well known to all the readers. Third, marketing your KM to get more discussion and readers.

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At 1:42 PM, Anonymous nisha said...

This article simply ROCKS ! That was a great read for me. keep it up with all the good work..


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